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Window Cleaning Services in North Oxfordshire and South Northamptonshire

Window Cleaning for Northampton and Banbury - covering Towcester, Blisworth, Deddington, Maidford, Adderbury, Roade, Hunsbury and surrounding areas.

We are a window cleaning company based on the south side of Northamptonshire, with nearly 30 years experience and an excellent reputation.

From bungalows to three storey townhouses, low-rise flats or offices, conservatory roofs, fascias, downpipes and more - we cater for all requirements.

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

We give a full, thorough clean of your windows and frames, leaving them crystal clear and gleaming white. Enjoy your views of the outside for longer with our superior clean.

Conservatory Window Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning

A full conservatory clean consists of inside (except internal roof), outside, roof, frames and sills. Your conservatory will gleam like new! Or you can choose to have just the outside or roof cleaned.

Fascia and Downpipe Cleaning

Fascia and Downpipe Clean

A quality clean of your fascias and / or downpipes to leave the trims of your home shining.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Conservatory Roof Clean

Get a clear view of the sky and stars again with a thorough clean of your exterior conservatory roof, leaving you with a sparkling finish.

Pure Water Fed Pole System:

We use a pure water-fed carbon fibre pole system which has many advantages to 'traditional style applicator and squeegy' cleaning.

Firstly, safety of our staff is our main priority; eliminating the use of ladders enables us to adhere to current health and safety guidelines.

Secondly, a greater level of privacy is achieved

Thirdly, the reverse osmosis process gives a superior clean, to both windows and frames.

What Is Pure Water?

Purified water is water that’s free from any impurities.

Impurities are found in ordinary tapwater, minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Phosphorus. You can drink this water problem free; when it comes to window cleaning this water is not used due to how it drys on your windows. When non-purified water dries on your window, the minerals become visible, leaving lots of marks and spots on the surface.

With a traditional window clean windows will get dirty quicker than pure water cleaning. This is due to impurities in the air that are more likely to cling on to the window.

With a pure water clean customers find that upon a second clean no spots whatsoever are found on thier windows. This is due to the pure water wanting to get back to its natural state. Pure water possess certain repellent qualities to dust and dirt.