Established since 1992, we have nearly 30 years of experience in Window Cleaning; resulting in our ability to guarantee an excellent, high quality service to every customer.

David Chandler of Chandler Cleaning

David Chandler

I started Chandler Cleaning as my younger self in 1992, back in the age of the “traditional window cleaner”, with my bucket and squeegee in hand. From those early, small beginnings I have grown Chandler Cleaning into the successful family run business it is today. With Health and Safety always at the fore of my business, I progressed our services from the traditional ‘ladder in hand” window cleaner to using the water-fed pole system. In it’s early days the pure water system was met with alot of skepticism, however I embraced this new method, took measures to ensure proper training and use and; as a result; my customers and myself are now benefitting from the results.


A “traditional” clean may appear to some to be superior to a water-fed pole clean, however when used correctly, this system is far superior - and safer - than the traditional window cleaning style. As mentioned above, I take great effort in ensuring our pure water systems are maintained and used properly, with our water levels never being more than 1part per million. This ensures the best clean possible for each and every customer. And cleaning with pure water actually leaves your windows cleaner for longer as it helps repel dirt and slow the growth of moss and algae.